In November 2017, we here at Bandicoot Marketing acquired Themes By Bavotasan from Chris. It was great to meet Chris during the acquisition and hear about all of the hard work and dedication he put into building amazing WordPress themes, and the care with which he treated each and every one of his Themes By Bavotasan customers.

In short, I’m writing this note to say hello and introduce myself, and talk briefly about the future of Themes By Bavotasan!

Who Is Bandicoot Marketing Anyway?

My name is Luke. I am the founder, and run a small team of WordPress designers and developers in the Atlanta, GA area in the US. We love working with WordPress and building amazing themes and websites for our clients. Since 2009 when we launched, we have been a WordPress agency, building and launching custom WP websites for clients. We will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, but we are also making a big move deeper into the world of WordPress products as well, including WordPress themes, plugins, Gutenberg blocks, and much more. Which leads me to the future of Themes by Bavotasan…

What’s Happening With Themes By Bavotasan and

Within the next 60 days, all of the Themes By Bavotasan themes will be completely re-launched on a brand new platform we are calling Bandicoot Pro. The goal of Bandicoot Pro is to help WordPress website builders such as yourself, Design, Develop and Dominate building WordPress websites, either for your own company, or for your clients. Here’s what will initially launch on the new platform, along with a screenshot of what the new platform / marketplace will look like:

  • 25+ WordPress Themes
  • Numerous WordPress Plugins (not sold anywhere else)
    • Easy Digital Downloads Extensions
    • Extensions for the Live Composer Page Builder
    • Many more
  • Logo Designs
  • Stock Photography
  • Graphic Design Templates

Everything on the platform will have a single price for a one-time purchase, or there will be an “Unlimited Pass” option that will be priced at or around $199/year. A fantastic value for access to thousands of high quality digital assets for building, launching and customizing websites.

Here is a picture of what the new platform will look like:



What Does This Mean For Me As A Themes By Bavotasan Customer?


  • If you are a current customer of Themes By Bavotasan:
      • Purchased a single theme: your account access will be migrated and you don’t have to do anything! We’ll send instructions on how to access your account on the new platform once it launches.
      • Currently on a $99/year “All Access” subscription: your subscription will remain active, and you will be granted access to the FULL suite of products on Bandicoot Pro! Woot!
  • Our promises to you moving forward:
    • Continued Customer Care – I know there are some that are worried about a “big company” buying up a small company. We are not a big company! Like Chris, I am a WordPress guy who happens to run a small team! Rest assured that you will get the attention you deserve as a valued customer.
    • A Commitment To Gutenberg / WordPress 5.0 – we have very exciting plans to be including and launching many amazing Gutenberg-related themes and products starting in late 2018 and 2019!
    • Fresh Products Added Weekly – once we relaunch as Bandicoot Pro, we’ll be constantly updating and adding new products to the platform every single week


Questions? We’re here! Simply visit and use the chat messenger to reach out. We’ll be more than happy to say hi and help in any way we can, or answer any questions about the new platform rollout.

Use this form to sign up for our email list to stay informed about the launch of Bandicoot Pro! We’ll be sending all sorts of goodies to our email list as well.


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Cheers to what’s ahead!

Luke and the Bandicoot Marketing Team