Who is c.bavota?

I started working with layout and design a long time ago, when I still had aspirations of becoming a rock star. For some reason, I was in charge of the artwork for my band’s (crappy) tapes, and although they didn’t really sell, they introduced me to graphic design.

Through the years I’ve worked on albums, magazines, posters, film fest programs and more. But in 2002 when I got my hands on a book about HTML, I realized that as much as I loved design, programming was where it was at. All that crazy gibberish somehow made sense to me and I started soaking it up like a sponge. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, ActionScript. So many languages and not enough time. 😉

When I started freelancing full time as a programmer back in 2007, I was learning a lot and picking up new techniques left and right. I wanted to share it all in hopes that others might benefit from all of my trial and error. That is how bavotasan.com was born.

What is a bavotasan anyway?

When I lived in Vancouver I was an assistant manager at this movie theater, and company policy forced employees to refer to me as Mr. Bavota. I was not a big fan of the formality, so I made everyone refer to me Bavota San, which is just the Japanese way of saying Mr. Bavota, but I’m not Japanese, though I do enjoy their culture and cinema. 😉

Is “c” your real name?

The short answer is no. The long answer is also no. My name just starts with the letter “c”. I decided to refer to myself as c.bavota in order to have some sort of anonymity online. But maybe I did it just to be cool. Who knows? But my real name is actually Cxxxxxxxxxr.

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