Wouldn’t you like to be able to display the actual search term entered by your user on the search results’ page? Good thing there is a very simple way in WordPress to do that with the_search_query function. Just open up your search.php file and enter:

<?php the_search_query(); ?>

to display the search term that was entered. So something like this:

<?php echo 'Search Results for "'; the_search_query(); echo '"'; ?>

would display something that looked like this:

Search Results for “the search term”

Another cool little trick it to add the number of search results. Use this code:

$mySearch =& new WP_Query("s=$s & showposts=-1");
$num = $mySearch->post_count;
echo $num.' search results for "'; the_search_query();

to display something like:

18 search results for “the search term”