I’m almost finished Magazine Premium and I thought it would be a good idea to open up a discussion to see what features people would like to see available. Now don’t go crazy, and please don’t repeat the same requests. I’ll take the top 5 best requests (that aren’t a part of the theme already) and I’ll add them to Magazine Premium. I’ll also give a free copy to those who suggested the top 5.

Add your suggestions in the comments below. If someone already suggested a feature you wanted, don’t fret, just think of something else you might want to see in Magazine Premium.

Here is a quick list of features that I have already added:

  • widgetized footer bar
  • custom footer text
  • optional “Powered by WordPress” link
  • checkboxes for cats and pages to include in nav menu
  • optional secondary nav menu
  • optional search bar or home link in main nav menu
  • 4 front page section with selectable category feed
  • variable site and sidebar width
  • featured slideshow with selectable category feed
  • optional images for each front page section
  • font selection
  • color selection
  • sidebar ads widget
  • sidebar tabs widget (recent comments, popular posts and subscribe)
  • simple mailing list/subscribe to our mailing list function
  • custom CSS editor
  • full width page template (no sidebars)
  • new single page options panel with Ajax save function (no more page reloading to save)
  • drop-down login panel

Those are all of the features I can think of right now.

Here is a sneak peak of the new options panel:

Here is sample of the new design layout:

It still has a little ways to go so don’t be too judgmental.

WINNER #1: Matt – a more elaborate author page
WINNER #2: tinym – presets and @font-face kits
WINNER #3: Marcus – more control of the Read More link
WINNER #4: Boris – choose the post’s thumbnail image
WINNER #5: Scott – easily add links to the nav and sub-nav menus