When WordPress introduced post formats in version 3.1, I decided to make sure all of my themes were able to display each one. The only issue I encountered was with videos. Not all browsers excepted setting a specific width and an auto height using CSS, so I had to develop a little bit of code using jQuery to make sure that all the videos that were displayed on the index page or the archive pages displayed in the correct aspect ratio.

This is the piece of jQuery code that I now include in the footer of all of my themes:

$("object, embed, .format-video iframe").each(function() {
	var orig = $(this);
	var ratio = orig.attr("height") / orig.attr("width");
	var parWidth = orig.parents().find("p:last").width();
	if(orig.attr("width")> parWidth) {
			.attr("width", parWidth)
			.attr("height", (parWidth * ratio));

This code finds every video and checks to see what the parent containers width is. It then resizes the video to the correct size and aspect ratio so that it doesn’t exceed the boundaries of the parent container. You can see it working on the front page of the Magazine Premium demo.