A while back I wrote a short tutorial entitled “A Clever and Safe Way to Display your Email Address” which explained how you could use CSS to safely display your email on a web page. That way still works well but if you’re using WordPress, you can take advantage of a function called antispambot() to display emails addresses anywhere on your site.

If you code a page template directly, you can add the function like so:


I needed a away to take advantage of the antispambot() function within my post and page content, so I decided to create a shortcode that would make it super easy to reuse.

function email_encode_function( $atts, $content ){
	return '<a href="'.antispambot("mailto:".$content).'">'.antispambot($content).'</a>';
add_shortcode( 'email', 'email_encode_function' );

Once you add the above code snippet to your theme’s function.php file you can use the following structure to safely display an email address in your post or page content:


You can read more about antispambot() in the codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/antispambot