Some of you may already know that I work exclusively on a Mac. It has its pros and cons but I will never go back to a PC. The biggest con when it comes to programming is the inability to test some of my web designs in a Windows environment. I could pick up something like Parallels Desktop and install a copy of Windows XP on it but that costs about $250 in total. It would probably be a smart move on any professional working on a Mac whose major source of income comes from freelance web design and programming. But lets put the smartest move aside for a moment and talk about an alternative that I just came across.

Mike at has created an amazing little installer that he calls ies4osx which installs a copy of Explorer 6 on your Mac. I don’t really know how it does what it does but I do know that it works and that is good enough for me. The only drawback is that it only works on Intel Macs. But maybe that is just another incentive to upgrade to a new slick looking iMac. He is currently working on a similar way to install Explorer 7 and yes, I am holding my breath for that one.