commentpreviewI have had some requests to figure out a way that visitors of could leave code and simple styling in their comments. I searched and searched and tried many different things but none seemed to work that great. I knew I needed a WYSIWYG editor of some sort but the few I came across didn’t really do what I wanted. I was going to try to create one myself but I have been a bit too busy lately to take that on.

Luckily I stumbled upon the WMD editor and the WordPress plugin created by Chad Coleman. Though, WMD claims not to be a WYSIWYG editor but a WYSIWYM editor, it pretty much does the same thing.

According to the website, WYSIWYM means What You See Is What You Mean.

“WMD produces clean semantic HTML, leaving presentation details like fonts and colors up to style sheets. But you’re not left in the dark about cosmetics; as you type, WMD’s live preview shows you exactly what your text will look like after the current styles have been applied.”

So far, I like the way it works, and the live preview it great.

NOTE: I no longer use this comment editor plugin.